Dr. Susan Harrison's number one goal is to impact your business. She uses interactive training sessions tailored to your specific needs.


Can your business afford a negative workplace? The answer is no. If you need an expert in positivity to help your employees go from pessimistic to optimistic, Dr. Susan Harrison is your solution. As a corporate trainer, she conducts energetic training sessions that directly engage participants, ensuring everyone an equal opportunity to embody positivity. By exploring strategies for building and maintaining a positive workplace, this interactive training will help retrain your thinking and reframe your entire team.


Customer Service

Are you struggling to convert one-time clients into loyal customers? If so, Dr. Susan Harrison offers a hands-on, transformative workshop on effective and profitable customer service just for you. While attending this dynamic workshop, attendees learn many ways to improve customer service including how to build rapport, understand customers’ needs and her number one secret to calm down 99% of negative customers. Dr. Susan focuses on both internal and external services, and will tailor training workshops to your specific needs.


Communication Skills

Is communication in your workplace driving a high-performance culture? If not, it’s time to get back to the basics of effective communication. Dr. Susan Harrison brings interactive training sessions directly to you, starting with a self-examination process. By discovering our ineffective habits and how those around us communicate, participants immediately learn how to improve their body language, speech patterns and how to be assertive without being abrasive. Watch as Dr. Susan transforms your business into a high-performance workplace filled with flourishing relationships built on effective communication.

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