“Fantastic! Highly motivating, learned many skills in the seminar that can be used both at work and personal life.” – Tani

“She was very informative, educational and knowledgeable when she gave us different pointers on how to connect, network and recruit with other people. Outstanding job!” 

Charlotte C.

“Dr. Susan is an amazing speaker! She is engaging, funny and passionate about her messages and helping others. I highly recommend her as a speaker for any group (whether men, women or co-ed) if you are looking for a dynamic, motivational speaker who will give your group lessons that can be implemented both in the workplace and in everyday life.” 

Joy B.

“Dr. Susan is an energetic and inspiring motivational speaker. She recently spoke to our American Business Women’s Association chapter on the topic of “Lead with Strengths: The Key to Professional and Personal Success”. Her presentation was rated very positively by attendees!” 

Judy B.

“Engaging and fun while teaching you skills to get along better in life! Thank you Dr. Susan!” 

Katie F.

“Thank you Dr. Harrison for speaking at the Warehouse Examiners training event held here at the USDA. Your presentation was fun, energetic, engaging and inspiring!” 

Kathleen T.

“Susan was fabulous! Interesting, fun, easy to follow, informative. Thank you!!”


“Impressive seminar. It gives a great perspective on how to reduce stress by handling the way you interact with others.”


“Really helped me to see what I have been doing recently. This will help me to get myself back.”


“Susan is very good at making people get out of their comfort zones. Was worried these two days would be boring–also didn’t want to participate. She motivated me to jump in.”


“Dr. Susan Harrison did a workshop for IAW members about Work Life Integration and Stress Management and I was impressed by how engaging and natural her presenting style was. She invited interactivity and gave some powerful takeaways that I plan on implementing in my daily life.”

Max S.

“Dr. Susan Harrison spoke to our group last week. She was motivating, gave us much to consider, was inspiring and fun! Great speaker!” 

Nancy O.

“Absolutely love her positivity, liveliness, attitude! We had a great time trying things outside our comfort zone!” 

Meg B.

“I can’t recommend Dr. Susan Harrison enough to speak into your business, company or life in general. She has incredible energy and gives simple tips to apply daily that will provide a better work environment and improve relationships. She has incredible insight and knowledge on communication skills, constructive conflict and how to reduce stress in all areas of your life. I try to never miss her television appearances as well, as I always learn a nugget to implement in my life!” 

Kimberly W.

“She is a very engaging speaker with great information on everyday life.” 

Lisa S.

“Susan was great and I loved her interaction.”


“Fantastic! Highly motivating, learned many skills in the seminar that can be used both at work and personal life. Thank you.”


“Very interactive. Held my attention. Super!”


“I love her perspective and outlook on life. She has some very valuable tools.”


“It says a lot about a speaker when the group is still talking about her talk a week after she came to speak.”

Deb F.

“I had the absolute privilege of sitting on a panel where Dr Susan was the moderator. Her energy in the room and ability to interact with the audience was perfect for the setting! I hope that she can continue to book moderator gigs, she did a wonderful job!” 

Barrett E.

“She is passionate, creative and knows how to connect with an audience effectively and with humor. I would highly recommend Dr. Harrison to anyone looking for a guest speaker guaranteed to make a lasting impression as well as providing effective techniques to improve your life.” 

Peter L.

“Great talk at the American Business Women’s Association meeting about Stress Management for Women! Susan is an entertaining and motivating speaker. I’d highly recommend having her speak at your event.” 

Cynthia W.

“I had the pleasure of having Dr. Susan Harrison moderate a panel and she did a fantastic job. She was great at working in the audience into the overall discussion and guiding the conversation in an upbeat and positive manner.” 

Matt M.

“Susan is great! Very funny and keeps everyone engaged. Wonderful class!”


“Susan was awesome. Best class or workshop I have attended. Kept the entire class engaged the entire time.”


“Susan was very knowledgeable, funny and engaging. Susan is very energetic. Loved her!!”


“Susan Harrison was very positive and upbeat, she made the best use of classroom time.”