Dr. Susan Harrison brings maximum energy and empowerment through her speaking engagements, always leaving listeners wanting more.

The Power of Positivity

Your mindset changes everything, especially in the workplace. Stop getting caught up with repetitive and stressful day-to-day tasks, and start living your best work life. It’s time to shift from “survive” to “thrive” mode by embracing the power of positivity. You may not be able to control every situation, but you can control your attitude. Dr. Susan Harrison will take you on a journey of positivity backed completely by science. It’s been found that positive employees are up to 20% more productive and upbeat salespeople do 37% more business than their unenthusiastic counterparts. Happiness and positively really do make the brain work better, and that’s exactly what Dr. Harrison inspires you to accomplish. Out with the negative and in with the new… a positive workplace starts with you!


Customer Service

Your company’s success is determined by how well you provide customer service. Do your customers feel heard, understood and taken care of? Dr. Susan takes a unique approach by using her extensive experience and persuasion to influence your team to understand how excellent customer service actually benefits them. She understands the need for your employees to fully own the customer experience. Along with other tips and techniques, they will learn how to prevent issues, how to use their personality to build rapport and how to defuse 99% of all customer conflicts.


Next Level Communication

Imagine a team that works cohesively with fewer conflicts and increased productivity. Whether you’re an employee or a manager, effective communication is vital. In her experience, most communication errors can be prevented and that’s why Dr. Susan Harrison is so passionate about teaching you how to deliver the correct message the right way. Your team will learn and understand how effective communication can make their work less stressful and more productive.They will learn and practice implementing strategies on conflict management, non-verbal communication, being assertive and building rapport. Once good communication becomes the key ingredient to your company’s success, there is nothing that will throw you off track. Get ready for change, because next level communication is coming your way!

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