Each topic is available for keynotes, training, group coaching or consulting. 

The Positive Workplace  Here’s a recipe for disaster: Take people, add a few personality conflicts, a dash of too much togetherness, turn up the heat on stress, and you get an office no one enjoys coming to every day. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Join Dr. Susan as she explores strategies for building and maintaining a positive workplace. Topics include:  How negativity costs us all; learning to think before you speak; the psychological impact of physical environment; and creative ways to encourage office socialization. Whether you are a business owner or an hourly wage earner, these practical tips will help retrain your thinking and reframe your entire team.

Positive Professional Communication Skills  You may have the best ideas in the world but to succeed, someone must hear them. In this workshop, Dr. Susan gets back to the basics of effective communication. Through self-examination, you will learn simple ways to change ineffective habits, see others through a different lens, improve body language, and be assertive without being abrasive. Sign up today and watch your business and personal relationships flourish.

The Positive Administrative Professional  Administrative assistants are crucial to their organizations. They often feel overlooked, and under appreciated. Show your admins that you appreciate all they do by hosting this one-day or half day workshop. Dr. Susan will help them get more out of their day, improve communication skills and relationships. Topics include: Dealing with difficult bosses and co-workers, conflict management skills, how to communicate effectively with clients and customers, and tips on lowering stress.

Build Profits by Building Positive Rapport  Ever wonder why some people can make connections with others faster than you? Wish you could create a positive, lasting impression every time? With theoretical and practical instruction, Dr. Susan will cover effective speaking habits, personal space guidelines, confidence building, and even how to recognize when someone is just not that into you. Her simple body language, eye contact, and conversational techniques will help you maximize business and personal relationships through rapport. Learn how to use skills and personality traits you already possess to become more likable and more profitable.

Stress Management  You’ve been dealing with stress since before you were born (literally). So how is that working out? Dr. Harrison uses laughter and interactive fun to highlight the type and amount of stress that is good for you, versus the distress-causing stress. Coping well with stress benefits you personally and professionally with increased productivity, and fewer absences and conflicts. If your health, day-to-day activities, career and relationships are causing any level of anxiety, don’t miss this workshop.

Positive and Profitable Customer Service Want your employees to hone their customer service skills or entirely overhaul them? Either way, this workshop is for you. Your employees will understand how they can personally benefit from improving in this area. They will learn how to deal with those pesky difficult customers and how to make them loyal regulars. Dr. Susan will focus on both internal and external service and will tailor this session to your needs.

The Positive Woman  Did you know that women tend to self-criticize, apologize, and get interrupted more than men? Come on now, it’s 2018 and things don’t have to be that way! Dr. Susan’s proven confidence-building habits have changed women’s lives around the world. Learn how to appear cool when facing stress, how to speak and sit authoritatively, how to be taken seriously (but not too seriously), and how to actually become more positive through affirming self-talk. Make small changes and see a big difference in your business relationships and bottom line.


“Susan was awesome! Love her energy and excellent humor! She makes this class less intimidating and more enjoyable.”

“Susan is very good at getting people out of their comfort zone. I was worried that this would be boring and I was sure I wasn’t going to participate. She motivated me, and I jumped right in!”