“This really helped me to see what I had become recently. This has helped me to get my old self back!”


“Susan was great! I loved her energy and interaction with people.”


My approach to manage stress is different than what you have heard or read before.

I spend little time on the usual methods because you already know them. For instance, you know that exercise and deep breathing lowers stress. Those are great, but I want to challenge you to think and respond differently. I focus on things like your comfort zone, your ability to be assertive, your confidence level, your interactions with others and your attitude.

Notice I used the words “you” and “your” a lot. That’s because you are not likely to change other people or circumstances all the time, but you are able to change yourself. This is my focus.

There are daily changes that are smaller and some that are bigger and a part of larger mental state. With my approach, I help you focus on what life can be like when you are not lead and dominated by stress.

I’ve been through some terrible, awful times and made out the other side. My life turned upside down and yet, I learned to have so much peace and happiness. I can help you if you have been through terrible, awful times or if your stress comes from daily living or anywhere in between.

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