“Susan is great, and very funny.  She keeps everyone engaged. What a wonderful class!”


“Susan was FABULOUS! She was interesting, fun, informative, and easy to follow.”


“Susan was awesome! Love her energy and excellent humor! She makes this class less intimidating and more enjoyable.”


Get Your Stress Relief ON!

You have a lot of stress coming at you from all angles. Do you find yourself yelling at the other drivers, even if it is just inside your car? Do you get angry when you are in a long line? Do you get upset when a stranger says something rude to you? In other words, do...

Schedule Your Worry

What are you worried about now? Are there particular thoughts that tend to creep into your mind that cause you stress? I've spoken to both men and women in all kinds of occupations and at all income levels who have excessive worry in common. In fact, if you are...

Is it Okay to Act the Fool?

Last month I almost fell in front of a group of 60 people. I was quite the spectacle with my wobbly legs and reaching hands. When I was up, I put my hands straight in the air as if to say, Yes! I’m the champion. And I received a bit of applause. Nope, I wasn’t even...