woman writing

We often go from thing to thing, moment to moment, without considering how it all fits into the big picture. We are too busy to put any thought into how we are living our lives and instead, just focus on getting more and more done.

I believe living on purpose is what truly separates the successful and satisfied woman from the frustrated and stressed-out woman.

You must have a statement that serves as a framework for every decision you make and how you spend your time. Your business probably has a well-thought-out mission statement. You may have even helped draft it. But have you ever written a personal mission statement? If not, sit down and give this a few minutes of thought:

▪ Think of others you admire. What is it about their lives you would like to emulate?

▪ What do you consider the most important character traits in yourself and others?

▪ What are the top three most important things in your life? Does your schedule reflect the importance of those things?

▪ Think about what you are good at. What talents and resources do you have to offer those around you?

▪ What is the purpose of your life? (That one is heavy, I know, but give it some effort.)

▪ What are some very specific goals you would like to accomplish in your life?

▪ What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind for your family and the world in general?

Now take the results of all that thinking and write a short paragraph about who you are and what you value. This does not need to be a writing masterpiece. This is for your personal use. Every time an opportunity arises, measure it against the mission statement and see if it lines up with the vision you have outlined. If it doesn’t, move on!

We only have a limited amount of days on earth. Living on purpose requires a bit of a time investment at the front end, but once you have your path more clearly defined, you eliminate the wasted time we all regret, and have a greater sense of accomplishment and peace.

(Excerpt from A Delightfully Short Stress Relief Guide for the Busiest Women by Dr. Susan Harrison, available in ebook or print formats.)