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Strengthening your child’s faith in summer



Summer means more free time and less structure. This is fun but can make it tougher to continue what you’ve worked on this past school year with your child and her spiritual health.

Why is the school year so much easier? It’s simple, it’s your routine. You may not even have to be that intentional, it is a habit. However, those times in the year when your schedule changes, it can be tough to keep up what you were doing.

So what can you do with your crazy summer schedule including vacations? Here are some tips you may find helpful.

First, make your child’s spiritual growth a priority this summer. Perhaps you even make a note to yourself: “Sarah’s spiritual health matters!” No matter how much fun a family vacation is or even a day at the pool, her spiritual health has an eternal impact! 

Second, make your schedule flexible. Sure, you usually conduct devotions before bed and pray before school but summer schedules can really throw you off! Be flexible and just make sure you keep up what you have been doing. Perhaps instead of a nightly devotion, you could conduct devotions in the morning or after lunch. 

Third, make a list of what you need to do each day spiritually. Yes, even put prayer on the list. It could look something like this: devotion, pray through the day, have at least one spiritual conversation. My confession is that even though it is a habit, I still put devotion on my daily list just in case, even in the winter!

With a little planning you can help your child to grow spiritually even during the summer months. Remember, God does not take a break from us so don’t take a break from Him!


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