Dr. Susan Harrison
President and Owner

Susan is the friend you always want at your party. Her joie de vivre is so contagious we can almost guarantee you’ll have a good belly laugh any time you interact with her. The best part about Susan is that what you see is genuine. Her love of people and desire to make your life better tomorrow than it is today is real. Her only fault may be that she likes to talk during movies.

Crystal Flanery
Executive and Personal Assistant

Crystal raises the coolness factor everywhere she goes, and our team is no exception. Multifaceted, multitalented, and adaptable, she uses her background in graphic design and organizational skills to keep us—you guessed it—organized.

Traci Matt
Editor and Online Manager

Traci is an old-school journalist who ensures all the “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed in Susan’s books and blog posts. Traci also shares years of marketing experience with us to help keep the various tentacles of Susan’s online presence interesting and intact.

Krisxan Clark
Administrative Assistant

We depend on Krisxan to keep the last of our juggling balls from dropping to the ground. Most of our conversations start with “Hey, Krisxan, can you…” and end with her smile and assurance that yes, of course she can. (And in case you’re wondering, the X is silent.)

Cindi Rogers
By George PR

Connections? Check! Savvy? Check! Energy? Check! When you see Susan on TV or standing in front of a crowd, you can bet Cindi has orchestrated the dance and is right there cheering her on. Cindi’s stellar contacts and hard work keep all of our to-do lists growing.