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Dr. Susan Harrison was hilarious...I was actually in tears...so energetic, thought provoking, and entertaining all at the same time.

She was the highlight of our USDA Training Session. I am very thankful that she came to our building and gave such a funny and uplifting presentation. – Jean

“Susan was very knowledgeable, funny, and engaging.  Susan is very energetic. I just loved her!”


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Holiday Stress

Did your year go fast? Is it hard to believe we are already well into November? Didn’t you just go through the big holidays? Well here they are again! It’s not like when we were children and this time of year was full of mystery. We are well aware of how much work it takes to make everyone’s holiday special. And, we know that as women, we are doing most of it. (Sorry guys, but you know it’s true.)

Of course it is worth it. This time of year is fabulous and fun and full of memories. It’s worth every bit of work, but it’s not really worth all the stress. What if you can have all the fun and half the stress of last year? You would go for that, wouldn’t you?

I’ve written a short guide on just how to make that happen. How much stress you eliminate is really up to you, but 50% is a great goal. And, you can definitely do it. This guide will give you ideas and practical advice you can begin using right away. Click here to purchase!

Read the tips and focus first on the ones that you know will help you the most. For instance, perhaps a lot of your stress comes from overspending. If that’s you, then read that chapter a couple of times and write notes on the changes you’ll make. And then, take one change a day and really commit to it.

Read the whole book though. There is a reason why this guide is short. You are busy and have enough to do. But, reading this book will take little time and will make a big difference.