“Susan is great, and very funny.  She keeps everyone engaged. What a wonderful class!”


The Terrible Awful

“I can’t even shop for peas by myself” Kara, a friend of mine told me just today. Her controlling husband had cheated on and left her and this was her thought when she was shopping after he was gone. She didn’t need to check in with him to see what kind of peas were acceptable.

“Susan was FABULOUS! She was interesting, fun, Informative, and easy to follow.”


Difficult Conversations Just for Women

Kill the anxiety and get what you want. Ideally, we want to put the other person at ease so he or she becomes less defensive. The more defensive she is, the more difficult the conversation will be. Your body language can help you to come across as less of a threat.

“Susan was awesome! Lover her energy and excellent humor! She makes this class less intimidating and more enjoyable.”


Is Your Boss Stressing You Out?

If you answered yes to the headline, you are not alone. While there are many ways to handle a difficult boss, I want you to think of something a bit different. Could you be part of the problem?

Is it Okay to Act the Fool or Do You Make a Fool of Yourself?

Last month I almost fell in front of a group of 60 people. I was quite the spectacle with my wobbly legs and reaching hands. When I was up, I put my hands straight in the air as if to say, Yes! I’m the champion. And, I received a bit of applause. Nope, I wasn’t even embarrassed a little bit. That’s weird, right? In fact, it’s pretty hard for me to make a fool of myself and feel embarrassed. Why?